Thanks for a fantastic wills and estate seminar yesterday. I was late and would appreciate a copy of the handouts distributed. Also, please let me know when you have a similar upcoming seminar as I would like to spread the word.


Hi Jack I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything you have done to help us with getting this deal done. You are a very kind person and you have a great heart.


Thanks again for everything. You’re Awesome!


Thank you for coming over to my mom’s house today. You brought her and our family a lot of comfort and peace of mind during this difficult time for her.


You are a very kind and compassionate man. I am very happy to have had the pleasure to work with you.


Thank you again for all of your help with my late father’s estate. I really can’t thank you and your team enough for all of the work you have done.


Thank you for your ongoing contribution to the speaker’s program at People’s Law School. We really appreciate the time and effort you dedicate to teaching these seminars.

-K. McCart

You should have been a Psychologist or a Professor.


I want to thank you for your hard work. I learned a lot, and your work has been stellar.

-F. Yeung

You have no idea how talking to you has just brought my blood pressure down to normal.


We appreciate your advice and service. I know that if and when we need additional changes and advice, we will certainly be requesting your help and expertise.


Very good/A++ speaker. Thank you.

-‘Writing a Will with Jack Micner’, Burnaby Public Library, Sept. 2016

In your presentation on ‘Writing a Will,’ the material was excellent and you were clear and well-organized. The program exceeded my expectations.


We would like to thank you for your thoroughness and good advice. You gave us a lot of information to digest. We truly appreciate the time you accorded to us.


I really appreciate your hallmark clarity and thoroughness. And I enjoy your regular columns in the Richmond News newspaper: I’m glad you make this valuable contribution to the community.

-Gail S.

Thank you so much for putting all the ads and columns in the Richmond Newspaper. They are so informative and interesting.

-Rita F.

On behalf of People’s Law School, I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Open House on Thursday. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. You had excellent feedback and many participants came and spoke to me after the presentation to say how much they benefited from your talk.

-Kathryn M.

Jack’s empathy and knowledge make him the ideal Wills & Estates lawyer. You are not rushed; you are more than a ‘client’, and Jack’s personal interest in assisting you through these often complicated processes is absolute. We cannot thank Jack enough for all that he did.

-Shelley W.

Your quick turnaround and personal service are greatly appreciated. Above and beyond my expectations: thank you very much!


We enjoyed meeting with you so much. Brightened my dad’s day.

-Cathryn G.

I was so happy to hear that you had a good turnout for both presentations. As usual, we had great feedback from the audience on both the quality of information and your presentation style. Thanks again for volunteering your time.

-Richmond Library

Hats off to you and your involvement in the community. On behalf of my mother and my family, you seem like a good guy who does good things for the little people.

-Charmaine H.

I wanted to tell you how comfortable you made me. Not only am I sure you are a fine lawyer and will act in my best interest, but you are a genuine, kind person whom I would enjoy getting to know.

-Ruth R.

Thank you for taking care of us through such a difficult time. You handled everything with class, professionalism, humour and grace.


Thank you Jack. You were very accommodating to us and you answered all our questions. And you really cared.


Thank you again for volunteering your time to present the seminar on Wills. People were very happy with your presentation. I hope to see you here again in the not too distant future.

-Yael W., Burnaby Public Library

Thank you again for your advice on my options for dealing with my mother’s estate. I very much appreciate your kindness and the helpful information you provided.

Diane R.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am! Thank you so much for helping me make my Will.

Dorothy F.

Thank you for helping our family prepare for Mom’s future. Mom just loves you. She felt good after meeting you and said several times how nice and friendly you are.

Patricia M.

Thank you for all you did for us during a very difficult time. You helped us through some pretty difficult moments and we are thankful to have had you on our side.

Shelley W.

You’re a gem, Jack.

Colleen M.

I appreciate your words of wisdom, the way you give advice and the way you practice with compassion.

Dan W.

I would like to thank you for once again participating in Law Week and volunteering to present the free law classes.  I just received that statistics and as usual, you had huge turnouts for your presentations.  You had great feedback from the participants, who were all very grateful for the information that you gave them.

-K. McCart

Making a Will is an emotional experience. Thank you for taking the time.

-Bonnie L.

I was very impressed with your extensive knowledge. You articulate well, are a wonderful speaker and a good teacher!! You explain complex material in such a way that everyone understands it.

-Jen F.

I am very pleased with the job that you did for us. You brought a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and were able to communicate to us the process and complex issues. Your personal interest and guidance was helpful and a value to me in the decisions I had to make. I made a good choice to go with you and will not hesitate to use your services again. Many thanks.

-R. Shukin

I thank you most sincerely for the kind, sensitive manner in which my mother’s affairs have been handled.

-C. Myskiw

I really appreciated the way you handled, what was for me, a very emotional situation. Your sincerity and understanding was most comforting.

-J. Pearman

Thank you for all your help through a difficult time, and for concluding my Mom’s Will in a very professional manner. Before acquiring your services, I found this very confusing. I will recommend Spry Hawkins Micner to anybody I know that requires this service in the future.

-B. Murray

You do have the most wonderful bedside manners for speaking with family members under such grieving, emotional moments. You certainly made me feel very relaxed. I do know I will certainly call upon your services again in the future whenever the time arises.

-M. Leishman

Jack, I can’t thank you enough for how great a job you did, not only for my family but for me personally. You really helped me. You’ll come highly recommended from me.

-P. Turley

Thank you so much for writing your columns in the Richmond News. It really helps lay people like us who are not familiar with this area.

-J. Cramer

I was thoroughly impressed with the offices of Spry Hawkins Micner. My father and step-mother’s estate was handled quickly and professionally, but all the while, sensitivitiy was maintained. We had some tight deadlines to meet, but I was never let down.

-T. Aichele

You and your assistants have made this painstaking and gruelling process as bearable as one possibly could. I appreciate your honesty and your having faith in me. I also really enjoyed your tidbits of hilarious commentary. I’d definitely recommend you if someone else is in a predicament or in need.

-T. Mazur

My husband and I wish to commend you and your staff on your affability when we spoke with you. We felt completely relaxed, which was a far cry from our previous transactions with lawyers. You have restored our faith. Thank you.

-A. & J. Brennan

“I did not feel intimidated but I felt guided, in a professional way.”

-C. Powell