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I am ready to create or update my Will

Who needs a Will? Everyone.
When? Now.
Why? Read on…

Off-the-shelf Will kits are good enough for me, right?

Not necessarily. If you have cut corners making a Will, if you have an out-of-date Will or if you haven’t ever made a Will, you may have a problem.

Why might you have a problem?

Because “one-size-fits-all” solutions simply don’t work when it’s time to apply them to your unique estate.

Your life is unlike anyone else’s. Shouldn’t your Will reflect it?

Not leaving a Will, or having an unclear Will, may cause a delay in the transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Taxes that could have been deferred may be due immediately from the Estate. Beneficiaries may also disagree as to how to interpret the Will, which may give rise to claims advanced under the Wills Variation Act.

You can avoid these issues by hiring us to prepare your Will properly.

5 frequently asked questions about Wills:

  1. What is a Will?
    It is a written instruction about how you would like your estate (assets such as property, savings, heirlooms, etc) to be distributed. See related articles.
  2. How can I control how it is handled?
    You Will appoint Executors to administer the estate. These are people you trust – usually children or a spouse. A properly written Will is your best control. See related articles.
  3. How often can I change my Will?
    Most people change their Will whenever major events occur, such as having children or grandchildren, buying or selling property, marriage or divorce. We recommend that clients review their Wills at least once every 3-5 years. See related articles.
  4. What can I do if I’m disappointed with a gift left to me in a Will?
    Depending on your status (spouse or child of the deceased), you can apply to vary the Will pursuant to the Wills Variation Act. See related articles.
  5. What is a “living Will”?
    A living Will is an expression of your wish to die, rather than be kept alive by artificial means, should the situation arise. Contrary to what you may have heard, it is not binding or enforceable yet in BC, so it’s important that you state your instructions clearly. See related articles.

Ready to create or update your Will? Phone us to discuss your needs. Our Wills Checklist will help you organize your information before your appointment with us.